Sleepy dogs complain about noisy owners behind their backs – and it’s adorable

Sleepy dogs complain about noisy owners behind their backs – and it’s adorable

The stroppy pair of dogs couldn’t contain their frustrations with their human counterparts, letting their thoughts be known in this amusing TikTok clip

Forget about eight hours of sleep a day, these lazy dogs need to get in their eight naps a day.

This stroppy pair took to TikTok to complain about not being able to have as many naps as they should throughout the day.

The poor sleep-deprived pups are in this sorry state because apparently their owner makes too much noise when she is working from home.

In the hilarious clip, which was uploaded by TikTok user @peakepups, siblings Kara and Riley snuggle up together in their doggy bed, musing about their noisy owners as they relax.

Kara is a Biewer terrier cross with Maltese and Riley is a mix of seven different breeds, including chihuahua, Boston terrier and poodle.

The pair, who were adopted by their current owners, bemoan that their lives are incredibly difficult thanks to their lack of naps.

As two-year-old Kara lays on seven-year-old Riley’s chest in their doggy bed, the two seem annoyed that the constant interruptions from their owner do not create the ideal environment for napping.

Viewers were tickled by Kara and Riley’s antics, with one user commenting: “Cute! Our pups move from room to room when I’m vacuuming. Please keep the noise down.”

Another commenter wrote: “You are good pups. I love how close you are. It’s so nice to see siblings loving each other as much as you guys do.”

A third added: “That cuddling is precious!!”