6 Business Ideas for Low-Cost Startups in the UK Below are some low-cost startup ideas to inspire you.

For most people, driving down the entrepreneurial lane, and starting a business is a dream come true. A lot of factors prevent so many people from realizing this dream. It could be personal problems, cost of setting it up, or the fear of failure. What is the best business to start in 2019? Despite the economic upheavals, small businesses are still flourishing, and if you like to join the train, you’re welcome aboard. This article will discuss low-cost startup biz ideas anyone can start.

As a would-be-entrepreneurs, we assure you that you’ll find answers bothering you about setting up biz, whether offline or online. The search for a great business idea can be likened to students that need essay help and search everywhere effortlessly to find it. Until they realize they need to use essay help by Edubirdie before they can end their search. While you were in school, you approached essay writing uniquely and devoted more time to it. You can do the same for the business you intend starting. Below are some low-cost startup ideas to inspire you.

1. Plant-based food business

In 2019, everyone is going “green.” In other words, the focus has shifted from an animal-based diet to plant-based foods. People are more conscious about their health, so they became interested in what they eat, where it comes from, how it is processed, and the effects it has on their body system. Plant-based food is increasingly adopted by millions all over the world as its sole source of food. This is an excellent avenue to make some bucks. So why not evaluate it just like you do in an essay review?

2. Borrow my stuff business

If you are still considering the best business to start this year, you should take a look at this promising and unsaturated sector of business. There are a lot of people in the UK that have more than enough possessions, and if you are one of them, you can make some money from borrowing your stuff. This idea was derived from the fact that most people appreciate the idea of living a life with fewer material possessions.

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For example, a car hire service known as Zipcar allows you to use a car packed in your neighborhood for as long as you need it. Borrowing is better than owning because it will enable you to enjoy life on less. You can lend out your available properties and even pets regularly on classified ad site and make some money.

3. Plastic recycling business

Eco-friendly business ideas are still fresh as they were years ago. You can set up a bakery business where you use only biodegradable packs and compostable cups. People now prefer to buy from companies that are conscious of their environment. It shows they care for their customers too. You can join the train to saving the planet just like many brands are doing. 

4. Digital detox

Most of us are addicted to our smartphones, and it’s not a good thing, especially for our health. If presented with the opportunity, many would love to monitor the amount of time they spend surfing the internet and playing games on their phone. This is a great business idea. Isn’t it?

Google and Apple have set the pace by rolling out dashboards that help us manage our screen time. The good news is that the door is open to all, and other companies are also assisting people in reducing their screen time effectively. A new startup, as well as those thinking of what business to start, can leverage this opportunity as it doesn’t cost much to help others manage their time. 

5. Online consultancy and coaching business

This is an evergreen idea because more people now prefer doing business online than the conventional face to face style of the biz. You can leverage on video links, a website, and a chatbox to do just any kind of biz online. From a doctor’s appointment to pet borrowing or swapping, the sky is the limit for what business to start online. 

6. Pet grooming/care

2019 is a promising year for pets in the UK as pet owners live increasingly busier lives. Hence, they are increasingly conscious of the quality of care their pets get in their absence. They want the best for them and are ready to pay good money to anyone that will genuinely pamper their pets. There is space for entrepreneurs to fit into in this biz.

You can draw inspiration from these suggestions if you are finding it challenging to decide on the best startup biz idea in 2019. These business ideas are evergreen, and they require just a little capital to bring them to reality.