Flat shoes instead of High Heels: The new Trend for summer Shoe

No man can imagine. Okay, almost none. As it is, a whole day – an hour is enough to get stuck in high heel shoes. But women already know at the sight of High Heels: This is gonna hurt! The bruised toes will be in pain, soon the feet start to burn bales. Sitting down provides relief. But those who sit, you can dance at any party. The only way out: barefoot or go home.

The pain ruined the evening. And if you look around, however, this summer, to recognize: the majority of The women has had enough of this torment. No matter, whether on the road, in the office or at the Party: women’s wear flat. Sneakers, Birkenstock, sandals, mules or Espadrilles. The High Heels stay home.

on the Top we surround ourselves with the airy dresses, shorts, we carry walking sandals – it’s summer time again! Summer time means sandal time. These Trends need to be borne in mind.

women buy more flat shoes

The rise of the so-called Flats Shoe dealer to confirm. Longer to notice the Trend to flat shoes, this means it can stream on request. The show, in particular, in the case of summer shoes. In the case of Zalando Switzerland order inside less and less High Heels and more Flats.

The Same, the globe group to which it belongs, in the meantime, also Navy boat reported. The shops also mention the rising demand for Sneakers. “This summer, 45 percent of the orders from Switzerland were so far inside of Sneakers, it means at Zalando. If paragraph, then wider, or at least less high – models hot Midheels, kitten heels and Plateau.

celebrities love the natural Look

support the quiet Flats-Revolution of Celebrities. 2016 Julia Roberts (51) appeared to play barefoot on the red carpet at the film festival in Cannes (F). As a Protest, because the security people had rejected the year before, women in flat shoes. And actress Frances McDormand (62) cruised to the Oscar ceremony in February with Birkenstock sandals on.

throughout the world, women are fighting back against the dictation, in the office in high heels appear. High Heels not necessarily apply as according to the time, Pumps are often conservative because they speak to the natural Look that more and more women choose. Fortunately, the recognize Designer, and offer an ever greater selection of flat shoes.

A step to more equality

The most important reason for the flat choice is clear: It is more convenient! The tip “Pull-high shoes, the stretches your legs” is ignored, because women don’t have to cement their feminity with high heels. No longer is at the forefront of what men find in women chic. Today, women put on Pumps, if you want to. Orthopaedic surgeons will make the pretty happy. They preach but by how unhealthy the constant Wear high Hack is.

And, perhaps, the triumph of flat shoes, has a much stronger meaning: It is a step to more equality. Or when you have last seen a man in High Heels? Although paragraphs would make it undisputed, his legs looks longer.