Gardening tips: plant Mexican giant hyssop

Agastache ‘Red Fortune’.

Plant this If you’re looking to delight bees, Mexican giant hyssop (Agastache mexicana) is a sound choice for sunny, well-drained borders and containers. It makes a tasty tea and the flowers last into autumn. ‘Blackadder’ has steel blue flowers, or there’s deep pink ‘Red Fortune’.

Spot this Seen any cuckoo spit lately? The RHS is asking gardeners to record sightings of spittlebugs and their characteristic frothy coating in an effort to map their distribution, as they are one of the main carriers of the plant disease Xylella. Find out more at

Cut this Once euphorbias’ show of lime-green flowers is over, remove the flowered stems right back to the base: this will allow room for new stems to develop, that provide next year’s blooms. Wear gloves and long sleeves as euphorbias produce a toxic milky sap that when cut, will burn skin.