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There has been a society-wide transition to working from home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

IT departments around the country have had their hands full connecting an entire workforce in a matter of days.

Many businesses have had to change their model altogether as the government recommends the avoidance of all but necessary contact with others. Others are now struggling to stay in business.

What has been your experience of the last week? How are you and your business adapting to the changes?

The ‘Coronavirus business ideas exchange’ is a forum for people performing roles in all sectors to discuss their challenges and tips – and what the enforced WFH policies could mean for how we do business in the future.

Join the discussion on Twitter at #CoronaVirusIdeasExchange and on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages. We will cherry-pick the best advice for our website and daily newsletter.

We will also feature a Q&A every morning from a business leader. To be considered for this, complete the survey embedded below or at this link.